chrys and momo


"If you're looking for a unique and uplifting listen, Chrys and Momo are the perfect fit. Their memorable, catchy and well-crafted songs will for sure have you singing along; but don't be fooled by their undeniable delightfulness - listening closely will expose some deep thoughtful content delivered in a very positive way. Oozing with vibe, this group will not disappoint"

Amy King - Music Producer / Recording Engineer at Grant Avenue Studio


Chrys and Momo are a Hamilton based band fronted by Chrysalene Teo and Momo Raickovic. Although their music falls generally into the genre of pop-rock, audiences can expect to hear an eclectic mix of cute acoustic love songs, harmonica heavy folk songs, and fun, infections indie-rock songs.

Since meeting and bonding over their love of The Beatles at McMaster University, Chrys and Momo have been performing together and writing original music in the Hamilton area. Originally starting as a duo, Chrys and Momo began to push the boundaries of their acoustic songwriting abilities in 2018, and created a new and exciting sound that blends ukulele with more traditional rock elements. Playing instruments that mimic their size, this couple's ukulele-guitar dynamic will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear. Their much anticipated premiere EP “Taste//Touch” (recorded at world renowned Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, ON) is slated for release on May 4th, 2019, featuring new originals and covers with a twist they can call their own.



  • Began recording debut EP at Grant Avenue Studio

  • Performed at It’s Your Festival alongside prominent acts like Teenage Heads and Wide Mouth Mason

  • Performed at the 43rd annual Cactus Festival in London

  • Secured residency at Grain&Grit Beer Co. (continuing in 2019)

  • Performed at tribute shows for George Harrison, Tom Petty, and John Lennon among esteemed Hamilton artists


  • First radio appearance on CFMU I HEART HAMILTON

  • Upcoming - Release of debut EP - “Taste//Touch”



2019 - Upcoming

  • Taste//Touch - EP

  • Love is Free - Single


  • A Lot More Love - Single


  • Helter Skelter - Single