Hello friends!!!

Even though May is coming to a close soon, we couldn’t wait for the month to be over for us to share our highlights with you. This month’s blog is coming a couple of days early, but I guess that’s okay!

May was already supposed to be an exciting month because of our EP release… but we were surprised one faithful morning when we woke up and saw our faces on the cover of The View Magazine!!!!

Back in February, we asked our good friend Christopher Clause if he could connect us with Ric Taylor from the View. Ric Taylor is one of the biggest names in the Hamilton music scene, and his program was actually the first to interview Hamilton natives, Arkells. It was an understatement to say we were excited and intimidated by the idea of possibly getting a little section about us featured in the View.

After some radio silence - pun intended - we figured the opportunity may not arise for us. Ric is a busy guy and there are bigger fish out there in the grand pond that is the Hamilton music scene. We just decided to focus on promoting on our own and practicing for the show.

A week and a half before the release, we received a message from Ric asking what our availability would be to chat on the phone. Four days later, we both shared an hour long conversation with him about us and Taste//Touch, which he recorded for his program on CFMU. Two days later, we were on the cover of View Magazine. It was an INSANE week for us and we are incredibly grateful to both Ric and Christopher for supporting us. It was an amazing way to promote the album and build some momentum for the days leading into the release.

We managed to save of the article before the next issue launched so that we could continue to share it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 12.07.47 PM.png

The EP release party at Grain&Grit was one of the greatest experiences we’ve ever had. So many of our friends and family came to support us - some seeing us live for the very first time. We cannot even describe how thankful we are for all the love and support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x 10 million.

Special shout outs go to Chris Flynn for making our songs sound so sweet; to Christopher Clause for opening the show for us and for helping us with our sound; to our #1 hype-man Sebby for selling our CDs at the party; and to our amazing friends Joe, Lindsey, Katie, and the rest of the G&G team for being amazing hosts. We love you all so much more than you know!

Extra special moments for us were: properly playing Helter Skelter LIVE for the first time EVER (with all the harmony parts and a melodica) and debuting our new song “For You” which we just wrote for the release party.


We have some really cool shows coming up this summer, and some other exciting announcements which will all be revealed soon. In some ways, it feels like a huge weight off of our shoulders now that the album is out, but we’re working more diligently and harder than ever before to get our songs heard.

This coming weekend though we’re taking a lil break from music to have some fun at Anime North… although it hardly feels like a break because Chrys has been working like a crazy maniac to get our cosplays done. We’ll make sure to vlog it all for you and upload it ASAP.

Talk soon,

Momo Raickovic