Looking back on summer 2019

Wow, it’s been a minute since we last updated the blog! This summer has been a crazy busy one… filled with lots of gigs, recording, and a long anticipated vacation. We hope you all have had a great summer and are excited for fall! We have mixed feelings about the change of season… Chrys definitely just wishes we could have 30 degree weather everyday.

There are so many amazing moments from this past summer that we can’t even recall them all. One of the most memorable shows for us was our duo set at Home Of The Makers during Supercrawl. Duo sets kind of scare us because we are worried that our songs won’t translate well without the rest of the band. But we re-worked almost all of our originals, and they sounded great done acoustically! Our confidence was boosted after that show.

We released Love Is Free as our summer anthem. Trying to bring back the Summer of Love! Now that summer is over, maybe that means we need to put some new material out there!

I know every band in the planet says “we have some exciting stuff coming up” but we actually do have some exciting stuff coming up! We will potentially be recording some brand new songs soon and doing more full-band sets in the upcoming months. Hope you’re all well!


Chrys and Momo

Momo Raickovic